Yealink WHM621 with Charging Cable | DECT Headset

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Yealink WHM621 with Charging Cable | DECT Headset

Yealink WHM621 DECT Headset is designed for Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare Industry.  In today’s retail and healthcare world, more and more employees need to free their hands to take notes, serve dishes or carry things. WHM621 with Charging Cable is a DECT headset working with W70B DECT base/W80 Multi-Cell System/ W90 Multi-Cell System to provide such flexibility. The headset can register to the DECT base directly as a stand-alone device or share a SIP account with a DECT handset to dial out or manage the call. With DECT technology, the headset can provide a stable connection and excellent operating range of up to 300 meters. So, you can move freely on the floor without worrying about headset range. Besides the basic calling features like the answer, reject, hold, and mute, the headset also has a Push-to- Talk feature. You can send instant Push-to-Talk messages or set up a full-duplex Push-to-Talk meeting via the headset to ensure the whole team is tightly connected. The intercom feature also allows you to make internal calls without a network, and the intercom call is free. Also, the headsets can provide you with all-day wear comfort.



Hold the Call Control button and speak, all the members in one group can hear you and the communication is full duplex. When you finish, just release the button. You can also press the Call Control button and Mute button at the same time, the Push-to-Talk meeting will be hold for 3 minutes. So, you can talk to members with hands-free.


Available in Two Different Modes

WHM621 with Charging Cable can be used in two different modes: 

In Paired Mode, it is synchronised with an existing Yealink DECT handset. For example, a common phone number can be used, and the call can be made via the handset, then you can push the call the headset.

In Stand-Alone Mode, WHM621 with Charging Cable functions as a stand-alone phone, which means it has a SIP account like a common phone.


Be Heard Crystal Clearly

With Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology, the two microphones built in WHM631 with Charging Cable block the background noise automatically but ensure participant voice be heard clearly, greatly boost the communication efficiency. 


Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology
• Talking time up to 10 hours
• Support W70B/W80MC/W90MC DECT system
• Support Push-to-Talk (only for W70B and W90 Multi-Cell system)
• Wireless range up to 50 meters indoor, 300 meters outdoor (in ideal conditions)

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