Samsung ITP-5107S IP Phone

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Samsung ITP-5107S IP Phone

The ITP-5107S is an IP phone from Samsung that is designed for use with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems. It is a desktop phone with a sleek, modern design and a range of features that can improve communication and collaboration in the workplace.

Some of the key features of the Samsung ITP-5107S IP phone include:

  • Support for up to seven lines: This allows users to handle multiple calls or extensions with ease.
  • LCD display: The phone has a 4-line black and white LCD display, which can show call information, phone status, and other details.
  • Speakerphone: The phone has a built-in speakerphone for hands-free calling.
  • Programmable keys: The ITP-5107S has 7 programmable keys that can be used for frequently used features, extensions or speed dials.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support: The phone can be powered via Ethernet, which simplifies installation and reduces cable clutter.
  • Security features: The phone supports secure voice communication using protocols such as SRTP, TLS and HTTPS.

Overall, the ITP-5107S IP phone is a reliable and feature-rich option for businesses looking to upgrade their phone systems with VoIP technology.

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