Polycom VVX410 Business Media Phone – Refurbished

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Condition: Refurbished

Warranty: 15 Months



Polycom VVX410 Business Media Phone – Refurbished

The Polycom VVX410 is an expandable color business media phone that delivers crystal clear communications enhanced collaboration and personal productivity. The VVX 410 phone brings high-quality, cost-effective solution to front line staff handling moderate volume of calls through advanced UC telephony features. The intuitive color user interface of the VVX410 makes navigation easy and requires minimal training. The Polycom VVX410 delivers breakthrough Polycom HD Voice quality for life-like conversations, while minimizing fatigue making calls more efficient and productive.


Give your front-line staff the best experience with this high-quality twelve-line color business media phone. The Poly VVX410 improves personal productivity by complementing workplace applications on the computer. Users can view and manage their Microsoft Exchange Calendars, receive meeting reminders and alerts, and access the corporate directory and Instant Messaging/presence status right on their phone display, even while waiting for their PC to boot. They can also extend their PC’s desktop to include the Poly VVX410 phone’s screen for mouse/keyboard navigation and interaction.


The Polycom VVX410 phone is easy to deploy and simple to manage. Using an enterprise-grade, web-based, configuration method allows administrators to easily provision and maintain even a small number of phones throughout the entire organization. The VVX 410 phone provides personalized information at a glance, through built-in web applications and custom backgrounds. The Poly VVX410 phone also comes ready for future expansion modules as your users’ need and business grows.  Designed for enhanced interoperability, the VVX 410 leverages and complements the other existing IT investments in your business. With the broadest call server interoperability in the industry, the Polycom VVX 410 mid-range business media phone can become the flexible and future-proof foundation for any organization’s unified communications strategy.
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