Plantronics/Poly DA80 Audio Processor | QD to USB Connection with Inline Control

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Poly DA80 Has been discontinued  and replaced with Poly DA85

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Plantronics/Poly DA80 Audio Processor | QD to USB Connection with Inline Control

The Plantronics/Poly DA80 USB Audio Processor is designed for analog headsets that provide high-quality audio and one-touch call, mute and volume control. The Plantronics DA80 can be used to enable more effective operations – as it detects when the headset is disconnected and will automatically activate screen locking for security compliance. Quick disconnect (QD) feature provides walkaway convenience. Enhanced noise-canceling and echo management ensure clear and crisp audio.

When you deploy softphones in your customer service center, Plantronics DA Series USB audio processors deliver a more complete audio experience by providing context for every call. The DA Series offers exceptional quality and control, helping you gain deeper insights, and meet OSHA and Noise at Work specifications. When combined with Plantronics Manager Pro, an additional service, you will be able to communicate with intelligence and create new experiences for your team and customers.

Lightweight and simple to use, with USB easy-to-operate connections and Quick Disconnect (QD) features so your team can easily switch between workstations. With built-in Digital Signal Processing and echo suppression for leading audio clarity, acoustic protection for your team, and enhanced controls to improve customer conversations. The DA Series takes management a step further— providing operational insights to improve personnel performance, processes and inventory tracking.

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