NEC SN716 Desk Console | Attendant Console

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NEC SN716 Desk Console | Attendant Console

The NEC SN716 Desk Console represents a new generation of consoles for the NEC‘s family of NEAX PBX systems. It is the replacement for the existing NEAX® 2400 Attendant Console, NEAX 2400 Advanced Attendant Console, NEAX 2400 Hotel/Motel Console and the NEAX 2000 SN610 Attendant Console. The highlights for the SN716 Attendant Console include compact size, ergonomic design and a low installation cost with three pair cable.

The SN716 Desk Console operates on a switched-loop basis with a maximum of six Attendant loops terminating at each console on the associated Interface card. The Attendant uses these loops for answering, originating, holding, extending, and re-entering calls. When Attendant loop release is used, the number of loops is effectively increased to a maximum of 12 for each console.

The SN716 Desk Console also provides flexible key assignments to meet the operator’s needs. Key assignments are semi-fixed by system default data, but may be changed via programming. The SN716 Desk Console connects to the NEAX 2400 systems using the SPA-CS33 Attendant Interface (ATI) card. To connect to NEAX 2000/1000 and EXPRESS systems, a Dterm Series III/E line card is required.

NEC SN716 Desk Console is an elegant and stylish communication device that delivers incredible functionality to users who take care of huge call volume daily as part of their job. It is perfect for attendants, secretaries, and call centre agents. NEC SN716 Attendant Console is the stylish solution to reducing the number of dropped calls and misdirected calls.

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