LG iPECS LIP-9030 IP Phone

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LG iPECS LIP-9030 IP Phone

LG iPECS LIP-9030 IP Phone is a feature-rich and reliable communication solution that enhances productivity. The LG iPECS LIP-9030 IP Phone stands at the forefront of innovative communication solutions, offering a feature-packed experience that transforms the way businesses connect. LG iPECS LIP-9030 professional proprietary terminal that incorporates the latest in VoIP technology. This terminal is suitable for Managers as this is a high-end IP terminal that is Unified Communcations (UC) enabled. The phone’s intuitive interface simplifies setup and daily usage, reducing downtime and allowing your team to adapt quickly. The LIP-9030 IP Phone delivers crystal-clear voice quality, ensuring that every conversation is free from distortions, background noise, and dropped calls. Say goodbye to miscommunication and hello to impeccable sound clarity. Manage calls efficiently with features like call transfer, conference calling, call forwarding, and more, ensuring your team can stay connected and productive. Streamline communication processes to improve your team’s efficiency and promote seamless collaboration. Customize features to align with your changing business needs and enjoy scalability options as your business grows. Elevate your business communication to new heights with the LG iPECS IP Phone. Its exceptional audio and video quality, advanced security features, and unmatched convenience make it the ideal choice for modern businesses seeking reliable communication solutions. LG iPECS LIP-9030 IP Phone, a feature-rich communication solution that brings clarity, efficiency, and security to your business calls. Learn more about its advanced capabilities and how it can enhance your office communications.


  • 7-line LCD display (320 x 112) with backlit
  • 24 (8 x 3 pages) feature keys (flexible buttons) with three-color LED
  • Label type : LCD
  • Wideband codec support for handset and speakerphone
  • 2 x 10/100/1000 BASE-T LAN ports
  • Power: PoE (Class 2) or Power adaptor
  • Dual partition software support
  • OpenVPN support
  • LLDP-MED and VLAN support
  • Security (802.1/EAP-MD5; EAPOL)


Suitable User

▪ General office users
▪ Managers and remote workers

Key Features

▪ 8(3 pages, total 24) self-labeling flexible buttons
▪ Wide gray scale graphic type 6-line LCD with backlit

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