IP7WW-VOIPDB-C1 | NEC SL2100 | VoIP Gateway Daughter Board

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IP7WW-VOIPDB-C1 | NEC SL2100 | VoIP Gateway Daughter Board

VoIP Daughter Board with (16) VoIP Channels

Provides (16) VoIP channels – when more than the (8) built-in VoIP channels are required. Disables the (8) built-in VoIP channels.

Allows addition of VoIP channels – in increments of (16), up to the system maximum of (128).

VoIP channels are used for IP telephones, IP trunks, and IP networking.

Additional VoIP channels require one or more 16-Channel VoIP Licenses (see below).

Equipped with gigabit port (RJ45 8-conductor jack).

Installs in dedicated connector on CPU card.

VOIPDB-C1 Packing List

  • IP7WW-VOIPDB-C1 (VoIP Daughter Board) – 1 Qty
  • 3 x 8 Screw with Washer and Spring Washer – 4 Qty

Installing the VOIPDB-C1 Board

The boards are hot swappable. Do not remove or install from the chassis when powering up.

  • Do not remove or install the CPU board with the power on.
  • If Expansion Chassis are installed, turn the power on/off in the order of Expansion 2 Chassis, Expansion 1 Chassis and then Main Chassis.
    • Turn off the system power.
    • Loosen two screws and pull out the CPU board.
    • Cut and remove the plastic knockout.
    • Install the VOIPDB-C1 board to J2 connector on the CPU board and tighten the four screws. Be careful not to damage the components on the CPU board when installing. When the VOIPDB-C1 and EXIFB-C1 are mounted on the CPU board, be careful not to damage the components on the CPU board and EXIFB daughter board when installing.
    • Insert the CPU board in the guide rail of chassis and push it securely into position and tighten the two screws.
    • Connect the VOIPDB-C1 to a Switching hub using a LAN Cable.
    • Refer to the SL2100 Programming Manual for detailed programming instructions. The VoIP feature requires system configuration. For the details of setting and operation, refer to the SL2100 Features & Specifications Manual (separate issue).

System Capacity

  • Mount to the CPU-C1. This board provides 128 VoIP Gateway channels.

Optional Unit Mechanical Specifications

  • Width: 66 mm (2.60 in)
  • Depth: 146.5 mm (5.77 in)
  • Height: 18 mm (0.71 in)
  • Weight: 71.5 g (2.52 oz)

NEC SL2100 VoIP Daughter Board Compatibility

  • Compatible only to NEC SL2100 Series Cabinets
  • Installs in the dedicated connector on SL2100 CPU card


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