Ericsson DT292 DECT Phone

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Ericsson DT292 DECT Phone

Ericsson DT292 DECT Phone and Charger.The Ericsson DT292 combines outstanding design with supreme sound. Includes charger ( DPYNB 301 07/3 ) & 1 x Brand New Battery.

The Ericsson DT292 Dect Phone provides basic features and full mobility. The DT292 combines outstanding design with supreme sound quality. The user-friendly menu makes accessing the wide range of features simple and straightforward.

The Telephone book stores up to 100 numbers and the last dialled, answered and missed calls are available for speedy redial. The integrated loudspeaker on the back of the phone offers you handsfree functionality for conference calls or when both hands are needed.

  • The loudspeaker on the back of the Ericsson DT292 cordless phone offers excellent sound quality and can be used for handsfree speaking and conference calling.
  • The integrated vibrating alert can be used in noisy environments or when discretion is required.
  • The DT292 cordless phone is equipped with a phone book that can contain up to 100 names and numbers.
  • The DT292 cordless phone has a redial function enabling the user to redial the last 20 dialled, answered and missed calls.
  • In idle mode, the cordless phone displays a ’Who Called?’ warning, if there have been missed calls.
  • During a call the button can be used to mute the microphone.
  • The cordless phone can be protected against misuse by using a PIN-code. The keypad can be locked against unintentional use.
  • You can personalize your phone by choosing your preference settings like key click sound, discrete ringing, melody selection, vibrating alert, key lock, PIN-code, language, display contrast, display backlight, ringing volume, phone lock, etc.
  • The DT292 cordless phone can be subscribed to up to 8 different networks. Subscription is done by on-air subscription.
  • The DT292’s internal phone book can be downloaded to the handset via a special interface cable and a simple PC program.


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