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Eclipse UC | Hosted Phone System


Eclipse UC is a cloud hosted phone system using a self-care client which offers businesses an intuitive and easy-to-use application to manage their Unified Communications features from their mobile, handset, desktop, laptop or tablet. It offers all the business-grade phone systems and collaboration features a business requires to professionally handle calls from customers and respond in real time.


Managing your Unified Communications environment has never been easier! Eclipse UC Cloud-based telephony caters for businesses of all sizes, Eclipse UC provides standard features, enhanced features and group services. Whether you are simply looking for dial tone, or advanced ACD and extension group features, chat, video we have the tools to keep your business connected.


Specialists in Simplifying Your Telephony Needs

  • Save Costs on your monthly Bill
  • No unforeseen or hidden costs
  • Remote management and support
  • Access to latest UC certified hardware
  • Fully Scalable
  • Collaborate with your team and customers from any device – anywhere
  • Built-in end-to-end encryption








Licences & Plans: For all shapes and sizes











  • Hosted in the cloud.
  • Simple intuitive admin portal
  • Your business phone number on all your devices.
  • Instant  messaging.
  • Presence to check when colleagues are available.
  • Call recordings available in seconds.
  • Professional voicemail.
  • Virtual receptionist



Run and manage your phone system over your desktop PC or laptop.

Did you know? You can run and manage your phone system over your desktop PC or laptop. As the demand for the ability to work from anywhere increases, Eclipse UC’s easy-to-use and feature-rich Softphone application ticks all the right boxes.

Our Softphone application converts your computer into a multifunctional IP phone, allowing users to make, receive and manage their calls. Certified on Windows, MacOS and Linux devices, the Softphone acts as a management tool that functions as a remote control of all registered extensions and all telephony requirements.


Presence Status Management:
In real-time, identify which colleagues are available, who is in a meeting, at lunch, on vacation, in training or travelling. Create your own custom Presence status to match whats happening in your business.


Instant Messaging:
Allows all users to remain connected. Receive and send Instant Messages to fellow colleagues and affiliated groups. Available on both the Softphone Application and Mobile Application.


Device Management
With multi device support, select which device is used to make calls and which device is used to receive calls. Indecisive? Receive calls on all registered devices or delay rings, until other devices are engaged.


Predefined and Personalised Greetings:

Predefined Greetings are fully customisable based on customer requirements. The personalised greeting can be based on user role, extension group and different times of the day.


Call Management:

With the sophisticated Softphone interface, manage all telephony and collaboration requirements, through a single portal. Create your own forward rules according to your presence and choose whether your calls are screened or not. Call screening ensures that your team have total control over how calls are received. Have callers announce themselves prior to answering the call, block specific numbers or send them straight to voicemail.  Or get your service provider to make these changes for you.


Create and enjoy a seamless customer experience from anywhere!

Now that mobile devices are often people’s first choice for business communications, integrating these into the modern workplace is essential. That’s why we developed Eclipse UC Mobile, an award-winning Mobile Application for better business collaboration and productivity, putting mobility at the heart of the user experience.

Everything on the Mobile Application completely mirrors the Softphone Application. In keeping with the theme of customisable, users are able to determine how they receive calls, whether their mobile is their primary or secondary device, they remain reachable and in contact wherever they are.


Voice Continuity
A user can switch, seamlessly, from one terminal to the other while on a call. This allows the user to start a conversation on their IP handset and continue it on the mobile device, without any interruption to the call.


Caller Identity Management / Dialling Management
Making calls is just as important as receiving calls. Users have the ability to initiate a call, with the use of speed dials, redial last number, click to dial one of their saved personal contacts, corporate directory contacts or a fellow colleague. With the ability to manage their outbound CLI, users are able to select their caller identity from associated numbers or simply block their identity. This can also be automatically implemented when a specific presence state is selected.

Voice Messages
As busy as our days have become and with the requirement to be reachable, regardless of your location, the Eclipse UC Voice Messages service ensures that the message is always received. Callers have the ability to leave voicemails to unavailable users, who either receive a notification within the applications, as an email, or they can opt for both. With the broad extension groups settings available, group voicemails are configurable, which allows anyone within the group to retrieve the voicemail and act accordingly. Particulars like caller ID, timestamp and date of call are left within the voicemail notification. Voicemails can be managed through any registered device.

Call Forwarding Rule Management:
Determine the route of your call when in a meeting, away or simply on another call. If users are unavailable, with predefined rules, callers will be forwarded to a nominated destination – be it an alternative device, substitute or voicemail. Forwarding rules are defined per user, extension group or the enterprise as a whole – purely dependant on your requirements.


CRM & ERP Integration

We play well with others.

With integration to over 60 CRM and ERP applications, enjoy the seamless aggregation of the Eclipse UC Application and your preferred CRM, with UCC Connect. Do you have CRM that’s not on this list? Chat to our dev ops team to consult on unique integrations. UCC Connect enables click to dial or display the customer’s information on the incoming call – improving efficiency and productivity. The integration brings about several sought-after functionalities:






  • Click to Call from Eclipse UC on any web page or documentation with a telephone number.
  • Contact information window appears during an incoming call.
  • Contact search from Eclipse UC to your connected CRM application.
  • Make notes and record information seamlessly
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