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The Alcatel 4028 IP phone is the mid level or executive model in the Alcatel 8 series IP phones. It’s designed to work with the Alcatel Omni PCX phone system as well as the small business Alcatel Omni PCX Compact pbx. Aesthetically, and feature wise, it is very similar to the larger Alcatel 4038 phone. There are only a few minor differences: the screen is smaller, it only has 6 function keys versus 10 and the LCD display is black and white not 4 levels of grey. In terms of colour choice the Alcatel Luucent 4028 phone comes in both urban grey and arctic white options.

The 4028 phone is undoubtedly the most popular IP phone Alcatel makes given its rich feature set and cheaper price point over the larger Alcatel 4038. Like many modern phones the 4028 phone is predominately screen driven. More traditional key system handsets have a larger number of buttons on the phone to see staff/ phone lines etc. Here everything is displayed on the medium sized screen and accessed by the 6 feature keys and 4 directional navigator in the middle of the phone. Even thought there are 6 buttons, the benefit of screen driven technology is that you can scroll down to see even more than you could on a tradition phone handset (40 programmable options in total).

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